Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cape Cod photographic fun

Duck Harbor Beach, Wellfleet, MA
If you've NEVER (gasp) been to Wellfleet of Cape Cod, well you are really missing something special.  With bay beaches like Duck Harbor (above), ocean beaches like Marconi Beach and Newcomb Hollow (below) and 3 different fresh water pond beaches, there's a plethora of places to chill out at!  

Duck Harbor, Wellfleet

And I haven't even mentioned the amazing art galleries that Wellfleet is known for...we didn't peruse any this trip which was a quick 3 day getaway.  But you better believe I'll be checking them out NEXT time!

Atlantic Ocean from Marconi Station

All the photos here were taken with my Iphone & editing done with the tap, tap, tap app.  Sit back and enjoy this quick trip around Wellfleet...  


this could be called...study in green

Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Marconi Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Downtown Wellfleet :)

like little purple starfish

great for beachcombing and rock skipping!

Feeling rested and rejuvenated?  I certainly am!  

Peace out dear friends,


  1. Hmmm that's why my parents went there. Glad you had a nice trip this summer!

    Sandy xox

  2. That looks soooo wonderful! I'm so glad you are getting away and relaxing and your photography is really looking good!

  3. Hi donna..
    beautiful photos! ohhh my! and not only do we KINDA live near each other (i'm in western CT) but we are headed to welfleet shortly and both LOVE THIS PLACE, as well! Gosh, it's one of my favorite places and you've inspired me to start working on a blog post to share some of my past pics! Can't wait to return to my VALHALLA!!

    Wondering if we could connect via fb and get some tips for our vaca? I am "vicki farquhar cook"

    - vicki xo


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