Friday, August 10, 2012

Christmas in August?!

Ada's Santa Claus

I've been absent for a while, but not THAT long.  HA!  

This unique 4"x6" painting was done by Jeff's Grandmother a long time ago, isn't it great?  

While bargain shopping the clearance aisle at A.C. Moore, I found a package of 32 (4 designs-2 polka dots, harlequin, stripes) in reds, greens, natural and white combinations for $5.  Scooped them up and headed for Santa's workshop my studio and combined the modern cards with Ada's Santa.

decorated Christmas cards

I scanned Ada's lovely Santa, edited and resized it to fit my cards, then printed up many copies all to be applied to make these fun cards.  

By using materials on hand, like scrapbook papers, Washi tape, electrical tape, and a glue stick, I've made our Christmas cards for $5.  Woohoo!

What's new with you?


  1. what a great way to use her old art and make it new again! hope you are enjoying your weekend!
    xo natalea

  2. Well it's Halloween in August over here but I LOVE how you scanned her Santa for the cards!!

    Sandy xox

  3. Hee hee I love these!!


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