Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 for Tuesday, Skulls

think more, talk less skull

Strange and bizarre, nothing cutesy about this one, eh?  Alas, Halloween decoration making time is upon us me.  Currently working at a couple things: 
  • Using what I have in studio(which is a LOT!)
  • Making unique creations
  • Saying something more with my art
  • Pushing boundaries beyond my comfort zone

vain skull

With scraps of paper from old books, painted paper, metal bits, a cork and lots of glue(gel medium), I do believe these skulls are unique and moving beyond my "usual".

side view

Think more and talk less skull, a reminder for ME to do just what it that.  Sometimes waiting, watching and thinking and NOT talking is a wise choice.

another angle

The vain skull is a statement about how we can dress things up but beneath it ALL...we are raw, bare bones.  VERY similar, are we not? 

Now if you'd like to see some more "traditional" Halloween crafts, check out:
  • Natalea's blog here , her favorite month is October, so she has lots of Halloween crafts there.  Enjoy her fabulous photos and wonderful Art journaling.
  • Sandy's blog here, she cannot wait for October to arrive.  Check out her creations both past and present to help spark your creative Halloween endeavors.
  • Here, Kimberly has several fun ways to use old cabinet card photos as fun Halloween tags.  And if you enjoy swaps, she hosts them regularly.
Are you brewing up some bewitching crafts for Halloween?   



  1. There is something wrong with you. LOL. These are awesome! Thanks for the tips. Wait till you see the halloween earrings I'm trying to come up with. lol.

    You go girl!

  2. Can't wait to see what you're brewing up, Mandy! TY

  3. Awww thanks for mentioning my blog Donna!!!I love your skull! Especially the one with the roach coming out of his ear. It reminds me of a scary dream I once had..lol! Happy Halloween crafting!

    Sandy xox

  4. very cool skulls! Talk less! yes! I need to hear that...I talk way too much and overwhelm myself...I need to listen more! Have a great week! xo nat


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