Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enjoying now...a list

glow in the dark fingers

1. Prepping for a Halloween party ;-D


2. Lush, gorgeous MUMS!

Julia Child's book on CD

3. My Life In France on compact disc, has been a wonderful way to pass the time as I drive my teens to and from school or while running errands.  Can't believe I just figured this out now.  Our public library has these beauties to use for FREE!!!  Do you have any favorite books you'd recommend?  

embossing on painted paper bag

4. Embossing.  Inspired by Julie Fei-Fen Balzer's  post  & Nathalie Kalbach's  post, I took their Second Floor Challenge #9 and broke out my oft forgotten embossing powders.  Do you emboss?  Before reading Julie and Natalie's posts I only embossed greeting cards, never thinking of using them in my artwork.  Now my painted book pages have another layer.  Wonder where I'll use these pretties?  

sparkle on painted book page

What are you doing or planning now?  Inquiring mind, over and out!


  1. Believe it or not- I have Christmas on the brain. Is the book about Julia Child? Thanks for the well-wishes!!

    Sandy xox

  2. I am also prepping for a Halloween party - but it's a combo Birthday party too! must finish the decor today before time gets away from me! have a good weekend, xo natalea


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