Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun photos

black eyed Susans

Today's post, some quick snaps taken with my iPhone, then edited with tap app.  Enjoy!

Knee-deep frog or is it a toad?

wowzer wire brushes

My friend Debbie makes wire brushes and she gave these to me.  Look at how cool a grouping of something can be!  Thanks Debbie!

cone from reconstruction

Currently our street is a mess, while the water and sewer system gets a total overhaul, so we see lots of these...

roughed up a bit

...and these!

natural lovelies


My favorite model.

Hand painted by Dad 

Angelo's garden is lovely

Lastly, a heart, to you from me. 

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. they all are the flowers and the brushes..reminds me of when I worked at Better brush for awhile years back...Bridget

  2. They are all so cool! Love them! You are really getting good, although poor Baily look like a ghost in that picture.


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