Monday, September 10, 2012

Gelli printing fun

my favorite print

After reading about and watching fabulous tutorials by Gelli Arts blog.  I "needed" to get a Gel Printing Plate.  Really love this new tool!  And I've only just begun...

gel printing plate

This beauty is going to see a LOT of use.

My workbench AFTER some tidying

The great thing about a 7 foot can hold tons o' goodies to use!  There are stencils, stamps, paints, brushes, texture tools and papers ALL within easy reach.

got paint?

Any type or brand of acrylic paint will work and I have lots to play with ;)

luscious papers

The above "luscious" papers began life as 6x6 plain scrapbook sheets.

printed butcher papers

The butchers paper idea came from Julie Balzer.  I do like the translucent quality of it and am still working at (when gluing it down) getting my papers to lie flat without wrinkling.  Alas, I must practice more :-D

color over black

Using black paper packaging (from a stencil), is a beautiful way to recycle AND you get double creativity points too.  Ha!  But seriously, I am loving white and bright colors on black.  You can't go wrong trying techniques and painting on something which was meant for the bin.  If it turns into a disaster, well I'd still hang onto it because oftentimes a piece isn't all BAD, cut it up into tags, bookmarks or paint over it and try again.  

Creating my own unique papers has my mind buzzing with possibilities?  And making BIG messes that require MAJOR cleaning time is part of my process.
Have you tried Gel printing or making your own stamps or stencils?  Perhaps you're tackling that sewing stash or looking for super soft yarn (for a baby blanket) to knit or crochet.  I hope you have time this week to enjoy YOUR creative process! 


  1. Brooke & I made paper on one of our crafting days. We got a cheap kit that had the screen and some scraps and we took it from there. Your paper looks like homemade paper!
    Nice work, sista!

    1. Sally, paper making sounds like fun & I am glad you like my creations!

  2. omg ~ i am in LOVE with your papers!!! Anytime you feel like describing/showing your step-by-step process on a few of those pretties... let me know!! <3 <3 <3

    just posted a pic of a friend and i covered in paint. we decided to decorate EACH OTHER after covering paper and canvas :) thought you'd like that!

    - vicki xo

    PS just popped in for the first time from your post on julie fei-fan's blog.

    1. Thanks for popping in Vicki. Hmm...haven't tried intentionally painting myself or anyone else, but it does give me some ideas. ;-D

  3. This is so cool! I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate Your stuff with MY stuff!

    1. Mandy, that would be so much fun! I'll be thinking over here too. You genius girl, you!

  4. You've got some great, fun-looking results there! Very NICE!

  5. Thank you Leslie. I just hopped over to your blog, gorgeous photos and quilts.


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