Monday, October 8, 2012

Falling for Autumn

It happens this way every year...

I grumble about the cooler weather, bemoan closing the pool, gripe about needing to wear a sweater.  Honestly, I head into Fall kicking and screaming! 

Ashley Reservoir 

But then the quality of light, colorful leaves and that unique Autumnal fragrance wins me over AGAIN!

crystal clear waters

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers and leaves charm me so easily.  What is your favorite color of Autumn?

view from pine grove

pine grove

Hushing pine grove reminds me of the beauty in every season.

So, it seems, Autumn has won me over again!

Enjoy, my friends... 


  1. hi donna!
    It would be hard to pick just one, but I think the first hints of NEON RED found in some of the maple trees sends my heart into overdrive :)

    Super lovely pics!!

    - vicki xo

  2. i'm noticing more and more each year that i won't let go of summer without kicking and screaming, but i do love that fall feeling in the air and all that comes with it as soon as i get over my tantrum! have a great week Donna! xo

  3. Yes the Fall is hard to resist! I love orange and always have orange mums and wreaths in front of the house- this time of year. Thanks for the Thanks Giving and Birthday wishes!

    Sandy xo


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