Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why bother?

grow wings

Why bother?, that ugly, discouraging thought that can crop up, whenever I am trying something new, venturing off the safe path to explore and grow by letting things flow naturally.  That phrase can stop me in my tracks and turn a fun time into paralysis.  The following phrase after "why bother?" for me is "what's the point?", which brings my creative spirit to a grinding STOP.

bother box

In order to counteract the cascade of negativity which usually follows these phrases, I have created a "bother box". 

banished thoughts
I've written some negative words, unhelpful to the creative process, upon rocks and placed them inside the box.  Fear, waste, point, editor, critic, worry, doubt and perfection are ALL the words I am locking away in my bother box.

polka dots and peace 

Then I "locked" the rocks inside with my favorite duct tapes, PEACE and POLKA DOTS.  

I don't NEED the fear, doubt or criticism my internal editor is foisting upon me with "why bother?" and "what's the point?" and perfection has no place in my ART.  Asking these questions leads me to thinking I am wasting time or materials, or (gasp) even worse, both TIME and MATERIALS.  

reminder card taped on bottom

Thinking and writing about these things really helps me to see how ridiculous these thoughts are and helps strengthen my resolve to carry on. 

Freeing myself from the discouraging loop of "why bother?" and "what's the point?" by locking away these words will help me uncover the point and purpose and joy of creating without doubt and fear.  

This box stands as a reminder, that I am "bothering" because I LIVE to reach, try, grow, create, teach and express what is in my heART.  

What evil, creativity busting thoughts mess with your creative flow?  Banish them any way you can, they serve NO USEFUL purpose.  And you deserve the freedom to explore what's in your HEART!  

Peace and polka dots,


  1. This is such a great post and one I'll come back to time and again, I'm sure. It's a helpful reminder and a great affirmation of your own worth and your art is for the sake of art and creative expresson. It needs nothing more. Love this, Queenie. Thanks.

  2. Love this post Donna! It is a reminder that we can all use.

  3. OMG I was just talking about this with Viv. I have a habit of saying that blogging and creating is a waste of time or pointless. I know not to let it get to me though, because those things bring me happiness- no matter what. I like your rock box. Very clever!
    P.S Post pix if you make journals. I just sewed thick patterened paper together and punched holes through them- as well as the front and back cover, (for metal ring clips).

    Sandy xox


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