Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bread tags and tape

plastic bread tags
I've been hoarding saving these bread tags, in hopes that some BRILLIANT new use would reveal itself to me.  And what do you know, that's EXACTLY what happened!

easily find tape beginning

These thin, transparent tapes can be tough to find the starting edge, so now each roll gets a bread tag.  

latest tapes from Acme Surplus

A sweet and simple solution to help YOU and ME find where the tape starts, so WE can craft to our hearts content.  

handy baggie of bread tags

Now I keep this baggie pinned to my studio bulletin board.  Do you recycle bread tags?  What else might these little beauties be used for?  


  1. Clever! I use my bread clips to label computer cords (or any cord). Since they don't stay on permanently, the clips is best for cords that don't move around much.

  2. I also use them to identify the tape ends. I use a couple of kinds of tape in my quilting and those things are life and time savers.

  3. Excellent idea, Donna! Another thing for me to collect now, lol. : )


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