Friday, December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Madness 2012

Move in ready ;)

Making these gingerbread houses was so much fun, we'd highly recommend it!

If you'd like to make your own gingerbread houses, this is where I got my info and the recipe for royal icing.  

The Dollar store is a great place to buy candies for building YOUR own gingerbread houses. 


Each house is different and UNIQUE, kind of like the four of us.  

Jeff carving up some grahams

Jeff's creation was crafted with much SKILL and precision, just like he built our home 27 years ago.  

Yellow snowman?!

Chiclet windows and door as well as pretzel siding adorn Jeff's wonderful house.   "FROSTY" stands guard.  I just love his hat!  

Libby applies Chiclet roof tiles

Libby enjoyed making this roof and playing the Chiclet box too!    

Pretzel sticks make a great antenna

Quaint, cozy and welcoming gingerbread creation.  When can I move in?!

Will putting a roof on his house

Will nibbled as he constructed, first graham crackers, then candies and after sampling royal icing commented that it was "too sweet"!  So true...

Candy canes topped with spice drops

Festive and fun house with "snow" all around and atop the roof he spelled out XMAS with strands of pull apart cherry Twizzlers too!

We laughed, nibbled and played while creating these one of a kind houses of graham crackers, candy and icing.  We plan on making this a new family tradition because it was so much FUN!  

Hoping you have time to play and ENJOY sweet time with loved ones, this holiday season.




  1. Hmm I think we would cry instead- if we attempted to make them. They just seem so hard to do- but you guys made it look easy. I liked how the pretzel sticks looked like logs!


  2. Do graham crackers qualify as gingerbread for construction purposes? hee hee They are beautiful, I love them, can I rent one when I come up this summer? Love Mom


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