Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where have I been?

Hello friends,

Sorry for my absence from the mustard.  Funny how time slips away when I am engrossed with ENJOYING life! 

It's always interesting to experience our (crazy)family life through someone else's eyes.  Mom absolutely LOVES wacky mealtime antics of my family and so while she visited I saw how precious this time together REALLY is.  

Sometimes soaking in the joy of FAMILY and LIFE takes me away from the mustard, but I'm working on improving my posting regularity because I really enjoy sharing HERE with YOU.    

Yeah TEAM!

  • Climbed Monarch Place to raise money for the American Lung Association.  And I suffered NO ill effects afterwards!  Mom came up to support us and we spent a lot of time together getting lost ;)
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving and made a pumpkin pie without sugar(lol) and Mom's famous deep dish apple pie!
we really like our nutcrackers here

Rockin' guitar ornament
  • Decorating for Christmas and listening to lots of Christmas carols on Pandora.
  • Added to our extensive ornament(and candle) collection by visiting Yankee Candle Company in Deerfield, MA.

Holly Jolly family

Hope you are enjoying fun times with your loved ones.  

Do you have any family traditions you'd like to share?  

We started a new one this year and had so much fun, getting messy and laughing and creating TOGETHER.   The 4 of us made gingerbread houses of graham crackers and royal icing and loads of candies!  I'll be sharing pictures of our First Annual Gingerbread Madness very soon.  

Have a sparkling day,

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  1. as long as you're enjoying life that's all that matters! glad to hear it! keeping on enjoying December...xo nat


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