Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art journaling goodness

silhouette close-up

I can trace the roots for my love of art journaling waaay back to High School and the very inexpensive, aptly labeled "Scrapbook" used to save flowers, ticket stubs and ANYTHING else I could glue or tape down. 

Couldn't resist clipping this

This 6 word autobiography, I cut out of a magazine found a home in my art journal.  Anything goes in there.  Bet you still fit into High School earrings too!

I put this art journal together with a few materials just laying around the studio, manila file folder, 2" binder rings, cardboard, paper grocery bags and a hole punch.  So easy and "mostly" free, as it was all stuff I already owned.

homemade art journal

I like using this homemade journal, it's not fancy or fussy and I feel free to try whatever, in there.  The binder rings are great because I can remove the page I'm working on and don't worry about messing up any other pages.    

side view

Recently, I've added some watercolor paper pages into my art journal.  While the paper bag material is sturdy, it doesn't hold up well to wet media like WC paper.

The yellow man page consists of watercolor paper, an old book page, silhouette stamped from white fabric spray paint, outlined with black flair pen which bled slightly when I added watercolor paints in shades of yellow and blue.

yellow man             

This journal is nearly finished and I love the eclectic mix of artwork in it.  Some days I spend loads of time working on a page and others get a simple quote. 

quote page

This page is grocery bag with leaves punched from newspaper and colored with Faber-Castell gelatos and the quote printed with my Dymo LetraTag. 

Do you enjoy art journaling?  Or perhaps sewing?  For me, working in an art journal every day is therapeutic, fun and educational. 

I've been taking 2 different online classes and learning lots of cool techniques, so in the next post I'll share them with you.     


  1. I love this Donna!!!! Where are you taking these classes? I love the yellow man!

  2. I love your yellow man! I feel the same way about art journaling. It is awesome therapy. I have made journals the same way.... very funky and fun!

  3. Visiting from Art Journal Every Day - Love your silhouette! Your blog title made me laugh!

  4. Love that mustard man ! Your eclectic book looks like so much fun to be journaling in too. Thanks for sharing at AJED.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to make beautiful things from garbage & paint! I like the simplicity of your image, it's very striking.

  6. I agree that it is very therapeutic! I love the techniques you used on yours. I used to scrap book way back as well- long before scrap booking was officially! Have a great weekend!

    Sandy xix

  7. Love the yellow man.. I sew and some day I may let my hair down and do some funky stuff with fabric. I have been saving scraps and sorting them. Now if I could find the time. We retirees are busy people Ha ha. Love ya Mom


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