Monday, January 28, 2013

Artist spotlight

Libby's college break was over a month long, so we spent precious time together :) Studio time was my favorite!   

Libby original

Libby's been drawing since she could hold a crayon.  She draws manga style characters that she sketches in pencil, to be colored by hand or scanned and refined using a drawing tablet. 

focused on fun

I enjoy seeing Libby's drawings, she's talented and to me Libby is an artist, because she can draw.  Anyone care to guess what she's studying in college?  You might be surprised... 

beautiful hands

Side by side we worked, me in an art journal, Libby on paper found in the stash, on mixed media techniques she'd never tried before.  I really enjoy sharing the mustard studio and always learn something new by observing other styles.

lovely artist

Libby enjoyed looking through drawers, discovering and using spray inks, stencils, stamps, gesso, crayons, papers, tags and white gel pen.  I may get her hooked on art journaling yet and that makes me happy.  

Of course now that she's back to classes, we may have to make weekend art dates, but that's something to look forward to, right?! 


Our supervisor Bailey

Big red had to inspect our progress and hang out.  She's always welcome too.

all the time in the world

Libby used leftover paint from another project, drops stencil, rubber letter stamps and spray ink on the corners.  And she doesn't even like leftovers.  

I love that smile and her art!


Allumer is a french verb (Libby's favorite) meaning light, ignite or turn on, switch on.  She found the french vocabulary card in my stash and I am so proud to share the light of Libby.


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