Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ATC Tuesday

Using gesso stamped transparencies or packing tape transfers, atop ready and waiting cards cut to ATC size (2.5" x 3.5") is a fun way to spark your creativity.

I enjoy testing new techniques out on ATCs and ALWAYS have them handy. 

ATC blanks

I keep this box front and center of my workbench.  Excess paint gets put on blank or unpainted cards and stored there.  

newly painted blanks

Had bright blue paint leftover this morning and added it to various blanks

dot texture highlighted

I cut boxes with interesting patterns or texture into ATC sized pieces and save them.  Using a dry brush technique helps dots pop.    


She sure looks grand all gussied up in her gorgeous hat, don't you think?  A packing tape transfer of a photocopy on recycled cardboard, makes a simple ATC.      


A magazine image of green twine was transferred using clear Con-Tact paper, then glued atop a black and white tree image from ARTchix.  

hearts aflutter

Heart vines Gesso stamped onto a transparency can add a fun layer to an ATC.  I may use this one on a Valentine card very soon.  And I have black Gesso which I'd like to try on transparencies with different rubber stamps.    


I like the green gradients and energy they imply and so this magazine tape transfer of a bike just seemed to fit.  Bike crazy, I am! 

take nothing 4 Granted

U. S. Grant Robert E. Lee image lifted from a catalog with packing tape, placed on this card, which came from some craft item's packaging.  Okay, so as I went to publish this post, had this niggling feeling and Google saved the day.  That uniform jacket is NOT blue... :-)

chain link beauty

Another tape transfer from a magazine adhered onto painted cardboard.  In person, you can see some underlying texture on card too.  


This sparkling beauty has spray inks on card stock, layered with embossing powder and finally a Gesso stamped transparency. 

Funny thing is, when I tried the Gesso stamping from a Creative Jumpstart video of Nat's, I thought, eh (shoulder shrug here).  Of course now I see the potential of this bonus layer.    

today's lineup 

Usually I embellish ATCs more, but today the simplicity makes me happy!
Do you see a favorite in the mix today?  

I have a growing lists of project ideas and one of them is to use playing cards as ATC bases.  Wonder what those will look like?!


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  1. Wow! How do you know how to do all this? I'm so impressed. These are all way cool!!


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