Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My 1st homemade stencil

Today I tackled making a stencil and I am very happy with the results.


I chose a simple droplet design drawn onto oaktag.  

cutting into oak tag

Using a craft knife, I carefully cut out all the drops.  Slow and steady cutting will yield the best results.  

stencil atop journal page

I positioned the stencil on my journal page and taped both parts down to my bench top.  

supplies at the ready

Using black gesso and a cosmetic sponge, I dabbed the paint onto my stencil.

dabbing droplets

In order to fill my art journal page with the design, I flipped the stencil and adjusted it until it made me happy.   

flipped stencil

Taped it all down again and dabbed until the page was filled with droplets.

Funny thing happened after removing the stencil, my raindrops/teardrops design had changed.  Against the pink, green and orange painted butchers paper, the black drops morphed into watermelon seeds.

teardrops or raindrops or watermelon seeds     

final art journal page

Often times I begin work on an art journal page, having no clue where or how it'll end and THAT is what I enjoy most about art journaling!  

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  1. Cool! I've been wanting to make a stencil. But after attempting to make my own cookie cutter a few years ago and almost slicing my finger off, I'm afraid to!


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