Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow day photo play


Despite the fact that snow balls up into Bailey's "feathers", she LOVES to be out with us.  

Bell clapper

We got about 4" of snow last night and it looked so pretty, I just had to go out and take some pictures.  

Garden gate

Everything was coated with snow, gates, trees, fences and weeds.  

Fence post 

Bird house

If birds lived in this house, they might need to shovel off the front walk. 

Bird feeders

These bird feeders hang outside my studio window and I thoroughly ENJOY watching the birds flit to and fro.  

Fern seeds

Even weeds with a coating of snow look beautiful.  


Bailey has the look of a Woolly Mammoth these days.  Love that pup.  She is my favorite subject to photograph.   Who or what do you like to take snaps of? 



  1. Hi Donna, I like to take pics of my cats, closeups, but I'm never happy with the way they turn out. My cats won't stay still and sometimes the camera won't capture the full detail of their fur which I find fascinating. Imagine being covered with hair!
    ~ Ursulina

  2. Sista these pictures are gorgeous and so is Baily! of Course Olivia and beads are my favorite things to photograph, I actually have a picture I'm sending you today!

  3. Gotta admit the snow is pretty, but only because you have it. I do remember a day when I actually looked forward to a nice snow fall. Guess I am old now and cannot take the cold that goes along with snow. Glad you shared. Thanks, Mom


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