Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spectacular sunrise and weekly tags

Good morning

Happy Sunday to YOU!

Hello world :)

Could you resist these glorious colors while eating granola and drinking a cup of coffee?  I could NOT.  And am thankful for the natural show of light captured her because the last 2 days have been foggy, dreary and dull.

week #1 tag

I've challenged myself to create a new tag for each week this year, as well as art journal every day.  That's the kind of resolution I can get behind.

Art is Love

By using several of the techniques I've learned in Nathalie Kalbach's Creative Jumpstart 2013, which is FREE, click here to register before the end of the month and you can get in on some amazing giveaways AND fun techniques.  I could tell you all about it but am too busy trying ALL the goodness, so GO check it out!

Okay, I'll tell you that I made my own sparkling tape from one of Nat's video tutorials.  Did I mention it is FREE?!  

week #2 tag

Remnant was done with gesso into dots stencil, then sprayed with inks, crumbling castle and dictionary bit glue sticked (stuck) down, and watered down gesso  drips from tag top.  


Do you take online classes?  Got any favorites YOU'D recommend to me?  

Enjoy the rest of this weekend friends.

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