Friday, January 18, 2013

Using what I've got

A lot of bloggers pick a single word for the new year, I started 2011 with 3 focus words gentleaware, and open.  I experienced a lot of growth and enjoyment from focusing on those words, but I just don't think one word is enough for me.

This year I am focusing on using what I've got.  Instead of running out and buying the latest stencils, punches, paints, papers, or some "special" item I read about, I'll use what I already own!  Maybe make my own stencil or mix paints or figure out a different way to get a similar result.

For example, I own a ginormous Project Life binder with a variety of photo pages and a box loaded with cards for labeling including days of the week and months.  Started using it last year and just gave up, because I thought "Julie fills in EVERY day with a picture and custom journaling cards", I want to do that too.  

Well, that was too much stress and what about all the stuff I already have?  Figuring out MY best Project Life is one of the many things on tap for 2013.  With a printer, photo paper, ink and a waiting binder, I can figure something out!

Each new year I re-cover my workbenches and tabletops, do a cleanup, clear away and some reorganization.  This year as I sorted through my STUFF, it just hit me that I have a lot and I'm not using very much of it.  

The goal is to use up some of my stash before I buy anything else!

Anybody else feeling like what you have is enough already? 

Next up on the mustard, my tutorial on how to make your "own" art journal.

Until then, PEACE!             

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  1. You sound like me, only my stash is fabric. I have trouble not adding to it because there is so much fun fabric out there. I will attempt to do better this year. Wish me luck


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