Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Funk

Greetings friends, 

Just popping in to say hello and sorry about not posting in so long...

On 2/11/13, some guy type person side swiped my car, 10' from our driveway and LEFT!  Fortunately no one was hurt, really frustrated and angry, NOT hurt.  

Happily I had an artist date here in the Mustard studio with Lora and I have pictures to share, soon!  We Gelli plate printed for an entire day, it was wonderful:)

Took a great online class which has cured me of my sewing machine fear.  Shall share the link and pics shortly. 

Been busily doing Spring cleaning throughout the house, so that when Spring FINALLY gets here, I can ride my bike, hike with Bailey, plan picnics with friends, meet Mandy in NYC, etc...

My most important job right now is helping our daughter through a breakup with her boyfriend.  Hoping I can say and do the right things to support and help heal her broken heart.  

It's raining here today (started as sleet), but despite the 8" of compacted snow on the ground, SPRING is coming.  Birds are singing, nesting, visiting my feeders, sun rises earlier AND February is almost over.  Come on Spring!!!

How are you doing?  Taking any interesting classes, online or otherwise?  Would love to hear what YOU are up to.  



  1. Just remembering how long the shortest month can be up north. I sympathize. Here in the south it just flies by, although we have been having some very cold days, they are short lived and the sun warms us again. Cannot wait to hear how the class helped you with your sewing machine fears. I have art fears I shall never deal with. Love the mustard keep smilin.....

  2. Bummer about the car and especially about what your Daughter is going through :( I am praying spring comes early this year. I am tempted to take Mary Ann Moss' latest travel journal on-line class. TTYL!



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