Sunday, February 10, 2013


I cut several images out of magazines and covered them with clear con-Tact, so they may be used many times.  

running man

Because both my son and husband run, this image caught my eye.  Over spraying with paints onto old ledger paper, is how running man came to life.  

positive of running man

After spraying the silhouette, there's a lot of paint left and so I just pressed it off onto this paper.  It almost looks like he's about to run off the page, don't you think?  That's Chinese text from a magazine Lora gave me.    

mans best friend

This dog silhouette was done with black gesso and a cosmetic sponge.  For the life of me I couldn't get a diluted solution of paint and water to spray so I improvised. This certainly gives a crisp outline with no color bleeding under the silhouette.  

strong man

Strong man is already part of a large journal page.  The colors are fun and energetic.  Sprayed with pink, blue, green and white paints.

feet close up

Sometimes the bleed through adds more visual interest.  The contour of his leg muscles seem more defined.  


In this image you see the silhouette on the left and its positive imprint to the right. I have no idea what I am going to do with these but really, really like the hourglass shape.  

magnifying glass

Lastly, I used the dabbing technique with black gesso around the magnifying glass, then over sprayed with some pink paint.  And the positive from the silhouette is on the left.  

Do you use silhouettes in your projects?  

Now I just need to figure out where to use these beauties and then I can make some more.


  1. Incredible and intriguing, as is the artist!! From your buddy.

  2. Smart and creative use for contact paper, and i bet they last awhile, too... great idea!


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