Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More weekly tags...

Tags hanging in studio

My weekly tag line is filling up, so let me fill you in on the newest tags.


Tea tag #6

Right up front I'll say this TAG is not my favorite.  Thinking it might be the pink card stock, because I love the polka dot tape with striped tissue paper background.  What do you think is off, not right or do you like it?

back of tea tag

The stamp reads:  Toto's Shopping List
                          Dorothy: Reality check
                          Tinman: Lube job
                          Scarecrow: Hooked on Phonics
                          Lion: Flea collar
                          Wicked witch: Prozac  too darn funny, right?

I borrowed a bunch of coffee/tea related rubber stamps from Lora, which was a lot of fun and an inexpensive way to craft.  What crafting items do your friends lend out?  

Stop signal tag #7

A game card from Mille Bornes tops this Gelli printed tag.  Was wishing the guy who hit my car had STOP-ped.   

Bubble wrap back

I liked the colors and texture of this well used bubble wrap, so I planted it on the back side of the stop light tag. 

My goal with these tags is to try different techniques and materials.  Do you use unique items in your artwork?  I am always looking for new design ideas for stencils and silhouettes.  Looking more has me finding much and that makes me happy!     

Machine sewn tag #8

After making my ripped and stitched journal, this tag was great fun to make!
I sewed various laces onto a manila tag, then sewed the card over laces and finally added "longing/longingly" dictionary bit.

Longing tag detail

The black lace at the top and bottom of the tag, helps to balance this tag and adds a bit of drama too.


The blue felt letters D-O-W-N affixed to circles punched from security envelopes. I love using recycled materials; it's like getting FREE art supplies!

D is for details

Layers of paints and which way arrows (stencil) of yellow and black make a great base for the circles of white and gray.  The arrows stencil gave me the idea for the word DOWN. I felt down before making this tag but afterward, I was happy.  Artful self-expression helps me a LOT.

AWAY #10

Breaking away was how I felt, when I put this happy bluebird atop another Gelli printed tag.  Loving the layers of blues, red and gold on this tag and how it looks like the bird could just fly off...

It is already the 11th week of 2013, can you believe that?!

What are you crafting these days?

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