Thursday, April 25, 2013

JOY journal

Joy journal

I really, really enjoy making journals.  For this one I recycled corrugated cardboard for the covers and used lace, tape, mono prints and paper from my stash to put it all together.   

new pages

more pages

As I ate breakfast this morning, the sun warmed my spirit and made me feel so peaceful.  That is what this art journal page is ALL about.  

Page #1

All over the page, with various pens and markers, the words JOY and HAPPY were scribbled. 

Happy and JOY

Over happy and joy went a layer of Gesso.  


1st the page had been too blue and now it was stark white, so I broke out acrylic paint, cosmetic sponge and my which way stencil.  I got waaaayyy too much paint there.  love the bubbles though :)

Spring green acrylic paint

Then filled in the arrows with spring green paint.

which way stencil

Finally added Dylusions ink (lemon zest), a light spray, over the entire page.

This sunflower doily with more spray inks mimics this morning's sun.

Also on page: french vocabulary word, old map piece, tickets, washi tape, and photo.  


That's page one in my JOY journal and I look forward to FILLING this one up with  happy, joyful goodness!  


I don't usually put photos of myself into my art journals, but this one just spoke JOY and HAPPY and PEACEFUL.  It's a JOY journal after all...Do you include pictures of yourself in YOUR art journal pages?  I hope you'll consider it now.

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  1. joy, happy and peaceful all sound good to me! have fun working in your journal! xo natalea


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