Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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The last couple of weeks I've not been feeling much love for aging or 50, at all!

Several doctor's visits and ahem, tests of questionable merit have funked me up...

Things are okay.  BUT I hate that powerless feeling from dealing with doctors, tests, appointments and the lame ass excuse they love to deliver when asked, 
"So what causes this?"
"Well, it's just part of ageing"

What a load of pooh!  I am 50, not 500 and instead of their saying, not sure
exactly, they pass it off as ageing.  I'm not buying it!  

Sometimes you've got to get angry to reach clarity.  And I'm feeling CLARITY today.

Enough ranting and on to better days.  And no more nasty tests!  SHEESH

Getting back on track with exercise and ART is how I WILL heal and learn to love 50 again.  

Peace out,


  1. Kent & I have said the same thing. If one more doctor begins a sentence with "As we age..." we will scream. And of course, these doctors are younger than my kids and most of them beautiful. Oy!!! Good for you for getting back on track. Love texting with you!

  2. I'm sure you will get back on track, you are only as young (or old) as you feel in your mind. I'm fast approaching 50, but in my mind I am 27 still =). I loath going to docters as well, so I hope you won't be seeing to much of them in the future. I love your page and that is one powerful statement!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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