Friday, June 28, 2013

Packing tape transfers

My first experiences with packing tape transfers used laser printed images and success was elusive...

Not owning a laser printer meant an extra step and expense so I did some, then moved on.

Miss 2 of hearts

Miss 2 of diamonds

Julie Fei-Fen Balzer introduced me to using magazine images for tape transferring images and I've been doing them ever since.

This tape transfer video by Julie is the quickest and best video on YouTube, believe me I've watched a lot of them.

From Julie and experience I've learned that better quality magazines will yield better tape transfers, but even thin magazine/catalog papers will still transfer.  
So don't be afraid to try a variety of images and magazines!  

I get catalogs in the mail and often find interesting images to transfer or silhouette.  Another great source of magazines is our public library, which sells them for 25 cents each.  

Tear out the images that grab your attention and some packing tape and give this quick and easy technique a try.

ATC with laser tape transfer

Happily, I've learned to add more background color and texture to my ATCs.  When working with a new technique, I really like to experiment on ATCs, somehow the size is less intimidating.

magazine transfer

As I gain confidence with a technique like tape transfers, items like this door knocker sneak their way into art journals.

night illustration on journal inclusion

The colors and artwork in some catalogs and magazines can be a great starting off places for your own art whether it be and ATC, art journal or large canvas.

The semi-transparent quality of tape transfers is a great way to integrate layering with color and texture.

Marie Antoinette 

Oil pastels and a charcoal pencil were used to enhance this transfer.  Can you see the numbers beneath her skin?  Many layers add interest to this inclusion.  Not aiming for perfection with my art journaling, so the white line where packing tape overlapped, to me, just adds character to her new portrait.

close up

Now full pages are getting tape transfers.  What do you think of HOPE, too much magenta and texture showing through?  I like her, not perfect just real, different and FUN!

Hope art journal page

Have YOU tried tape transfers or will you try them now?  Just remember to have fun and enjoy whatever you DO :)


  1. oh Donna, these are sensational. you have quite an artistic hand at both ATC's and the transfer method! though described as easy, i'm not so sure about that!!! i love your playing cards and your names for it and how you show the magazine search. very intriguing and stimulating to try the process again. thanks for that donna! love and hugs

  2. What a great tutorial - thanks for sharing it - can't wait to try!!!

  3. great idea and use of that. You have created amazing pages! inspiring!

  4. These ATC's are wonderful and very inspiring. I have a few to make myself and will definitely be using this technique.

  5. Great tutorial. I'm still struggling with transfers. Yours look beautiful.

  6. these are great. I tried that sme tutorial awhile back and found it super easy. You have inspired me to try it again. I think this time I'll use some vintage people images. Here is my previous try.

  7. I love what you did with the technique! I transfered family images onto medicine bottles. So fun! Happy 4th of July!

    Sandy xox

  8. I've never even heard of that. It's a great idea. Love your images!


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