Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pass it on

This weeks tags were an experiment with weaving ribbons through slits cut into the tags.  I am pleased with how "PASSION" and "MY LIFE" turned out!

Passion tag

The large word "PASSION" is from my stash of words cut out of magazines.

I used a highlighter to help it pop and tie in with the yellow ribbons.

For me passion and "pass it on" go together, because when I am passionate about something I cannot help but share or pass it on...

left ribbons hanging and messy

I enjoy the messiness of the wild hanging and fraying ribbons.  

Using some sheer ribbons allowed for the painting on tag to come through while adding another layer.

close-up of weaving and tag

I've almost used this button in so many different projects but today it found it's true home :)

wood grain pink button

"MY LIFE" tag is finished neatly and has a hole with hang ribbon.

MY close-up


Words that resonate with me get saved and stashed all around the studio in hopes they'll spur creativity. 

The stark black capital letters on white background fit nicely with the colors on this tag.  

ribbon weaving detail

I intentionally tried to leave the hearts showing. 


Have you got a niggling feeling about trying something different with your chosen art form?  

I hope to encourage you to go for it by sharing my experimentation and passion!  

Pass it on...

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