Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stairway to Serenity

"Your stairway to serenity can only be discovered by you."


to Serenity

These phrases/quotes just come to me and writing them down to use in my art journals is becoming a habit.  The black chevron stenciling helps tie left and right pages together.  I don't use a lot of browns in my artwork (so far) and am glad I pushed beyond my comfort zone!  Do you avoid specific color(s) in your art endeavors?

The right hand page (BLISS) was completed a while back so the quote and lettering were another way to connect two halves.  

Do you work on a full spread or one page at a time?  I do both but usually try to unify the pages whenever possible, so it looks like a "real" book.  

close-up of lettering

This journal is made up of gessoed paper bags.  I really like the almost plastic quality of the pages when several layers of acrylic paint are applied.  Folds and creases add character and dimension to my pages.

Blissful silhouette

This is my favorite silhouette page thus far, so many happy things expressed here with color, texture, posture and energy!  You may notice a small piece of gelli printed packing tape (Things are happening tag) used as background for BLISS:)

Today, I'd like to encourage you to listen to the little voice inside that is spurring you on...give it wings and TRY!!!




  1. What a wonderful silhouette page! Love all the colors and artwork! Thanks for sharing! --Sandy Leigh

  2. You are so prolific, Q. Love that you're getting so much done! I really love the chevron stripes. Very bold and really helps tie the left & right together. Perfect!

  3. Wonderful spread! The black background makes the colors pop off the page.

  4. great pages, fab colours and love the silhouette. x


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