Monday, June 10, 2013

Stepping stones and learning places

"Mistakes and failure are stepping stones and learning places."


mistakes and failure

Happy to have messed up my 1st art journal page, because it inspired this quote and the "go for it" attitude.    

It's a happy mess and somehow cohesive and powerful :)

Sometimes when you go for it, things fall into place!

Have you "gone for it" with your art?!  I highly recommend it.

crackle highlighted with black ink

The worn, aged, crackle layers are enhanced with black spray ink and spattered black and white paints.


black and white speckle detail

Tea staining gives tags an aged worn look.

stepping stones and learning places

Washi tapes in gray tones help tie the black Dymo labels in with rest of the page.

My goal with my art journal is to express what is going on in my head as I create.   AND to try and USE materials I have on hand. 

I finished off the bottle of Tim Holtz (peeled paint) green, used tea stained tags, and cloth tape scraps.  

Is there something in your stash you're dying to USE?

Go for it and ENJOY the results!


  1. I am going to quote you. I love this. You're brilliant!

  2. Awesome project and I think it looks perfect, I don't see any mistakes at all. I really need to try this medium!

  3. Wonderful textured piece with a great and wise message. Really lovely.


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