Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Can you see the ink droplets on the page?  I used a homemade silhouette and spray inks to get this colorful page.  I've been noticing that the colors are more subdued once dried, as you'll see later.  

But what does this have to do with authenticity?  It's the beginning of an art journaling spread that lead to some serendipitous self-realization.  Which is why I appreciate art journaling so VERY much! 


After spritzing the page with inks and some water to get the running together effects, I removed the silhouette and pressed it down on the opposite page.  Next step required rifling through my tape transfer collection and the word WANT.

The contrast of color and lack of vibrancy lead me to choose the word which I glued down and left alone, figuring I'd jazz the page up a later...

Opposite page

The clock was an easy choice for the head, as some days I feel ruled by the clock or my calendar.  For the legs, I used an image of wind carved stone walls, strong and sturdy, capable of carrying EVERYTHING.  The body image just seemed to fit me so well, because I am often overflowing with ideas and energy regarding my ART and life.


That is where I stopped last night, with those images seen above.  The really cool part happened when I looked at it again this morning. 

Initially I loved the clock headed image best, I mean look at the colors and textures and "deep" imagery...a glorious cacophony, right?  

Exactly, too much noise, texture and imagery!

Upon thinking about the 2 images, I realized that the cleaner, simpler figure fit what I NEED my life to be like.   I see myself and lots of other people in this dichotomy of life, overwhelmed by so much STUFF and needing a simpler way.


Sometimes I get caught up LOST and think I've GOT to have certain THINGS like a high paying career, a bigger house, an expensive car, overflowing wardrobe, lots more art supplies, the latest gadgets, a better camera, more lenses, etc...

In reality, being authentic is what I NEED to be truly happy. 


Journaling about my realization with a white gel pen allowed me to let emotions out without concern of who might read them.  With India ink, I wrote FOUND right through the head.   

The end

BE REAL, BE AUTHENTIC, BE YOU came from my invisible journaling.  It'll be my new mantra now and I am thrilled that art journaling has helped me to see what is MOST important for MY life:)

Here's the final spread and while it's not the prettiest final product, it sure feels GREAT!


Thanks for dropping into the mustard today!



  1. This is great -- on so many levels. I've never been good at journaling but what you're doing in very exciting! Hugs to you, my friend. Keep it up!

  2. I love your pages Donna, beautifully created from the heart sweetie, thank-you for sharing your process too, fascinating and incredibly inspiring. I am definitely with you on the wanting to simplify life and I totally get the 'LOST' bit!!!!!!!
    Hugs x

  3. You spoke and arted beautifully around your thoughts going on in your mind while creating your pages Donna.Well done!!!

  4. Love your description of your process and the resulting journal pags!

  5. Love it, your pages ar beautiful and I love the process you went through to get there!
    xx Monique

  6. I've just finished the Journal Fodder 365 prompt 'wants and needs' (ready to post tomorrow) and can really relate to your journey with these gorgeous pages. Isn't it fascinating that leaving something for 24 hours can reveal a whole new message?


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