Wednesday, August 14, 2013

World's BEST Mom

My Mom lives in Florida which, at times, seems like a world away from Massachusetts.  Fortunately for us, she came for a nice long visit this summer and we REALLY enjoyed spending time together.

While Mom stayed with us, she cooked a couple of delicious meals and taught us some of her "secrets".  Cooking EVERYTHING from scratch is the ONLY way Mom operates :)  

Libby and Memere cook 

She spent time reconnecting with old friends and family by making many lunch dates while lounging poolside :)

We timed our vacation so Mom could experience Cape Cod for the 1st time ever! She did have us a bit concerned before leaving for vacation when she announced that she "wasn't much of a beach person" but she enjoyed all Wellfleet had to offer. 

Mom enjoyed Jeff's coffee every morning and the really strong stuff at the Lighthouse in Wellfleet too.


Mom drove us around to beaches (bay, ocean and pond), ice cream shops, T-shirts places and restaurants too...

Mom read, played solitaire, laughed at our silly dinnertime antics and enjoyed the "cottage" we stayed at.  

Mom and Bailey bonded over ear scratches and table side treats.  We never did figure out why Bailey barked at Mom, but it sure was nice to see them enjoying each others company.

Mom made pillow shams for our bed with fabric leftover from making our quilt. Aren't they gorgeous?!  Thanks Mom, you're the BEST!

Now I've made our bed 8 days in a

So fortunate am I to have such a kind, generous and loving mother.  Mom still gives the best hugs and I am so grateful for the time we shared this summer.


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  1. do your children call your Mom Memere? I used to call my grandmother the same as I am from France....

    Annie v.


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