Saturday, September 21, 2013

Simply Sunsets

I'm hanging onto great memories and Summer for a little while longer, with these sunset photographs.


These sunset photos from our July vacation in Wellfleet, MA, speak for themselves, don't you think?  

Do you have a special sunset or sunrise spot?  

My favorite sunrise spot is outside our kitchen window during Wintertime.

And Duck Harbor, where all these pictures were taken, is my favorite for sunsets...


  1. seriously....these are incredibly beautiful...WOW! thanks for the wonderful eye candy this morn!

  2. Watching the sunset at Bayport on the Gulf of Mexico, bringing back memories of Rich (Dad) and I putting into the Gulf for a day of fishing as well as enjoying the sunset and any of nature's creatures. I have seen dolphin, otters, and manatees in those waters...thanks for the memories..


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