Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Textured Tuesday

Over the next few weeks, I'll share some simple techniques for adding texture to art journal pages.  

Working with tags can be fun and less pressure filled than experimenting on a clean/new journal page.  If you don't have tags, try some of these techniques out on 3x5 cards, scrap paper or cereal box cardboard.

Applied white gesso to 2 tags and then smooshed them together and got this really neat veining pattern...cool right?!

Painted black gesso on 2 tags and repeated smooshing process.  Nice texture on these tags but it's harder to see...

Next gesso smoosh up was between one black gesso tag and one white gesso tag, yielding great grays and wonderful texture.  

Quickly putting painted sides together, rubbing and then separating the tags is how I achieved the above textures.  I'm wondering, what, if any difference there'd be, if tags were left together a while longer?  Maybe next time...  

Acrylic inks and a bit of water spray can highlight the textures.

Worked with the black and white combo tags here as well as red, blue and yellow FW acrylic inks.

A bright and beautiful mess of mixing inks :)

See what happens when the ink and water run their courses through all that lovely texture?  I found it interesting that the white on black tag showed texture better than the other...  

This large T was used to stencil the letter on one tag.

An additional layer of tissue paper (black and silver pattern) was added for more texture and visual interest. 

***Bonus=tissue paper came with some new shoes=free art supply.

T for texture and Tuesday, achieved with several layers of white gesso (fairly transparent paint) and outlined with a white gel pen.

Using the T stencil as an additional layer gave me the opportunity to add MORE texture after swirling a stencil brush in circles through wet gesso (white).  

Once gesso dried, spray ink was heavily sprayed, left to sink in, then excess ink patted off.

Can you see the swirls?  I like this effect and will use it again, it reminds me of cottage roses!  

Here are the 2 finished tags, lots of texture, layers, colors and FUN!

What have you got on your sewing table, workbench or in your knitting bag?  I'd love to hear what you're up to...

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  1. I love it! and I love that you are sharing your stuff! I wish I had the materials!

  2. This is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing the process. I love the effects you get with such low-tech (non-tech) means as smoothing them together. Very cool, Queenie!!


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