Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2nd texture Tuesday

A tale of 2 tags...

middle stages

For me texture is about more than visual interest but a physical depth and variety.  

I started with 2 gesso textured tags.  (smooshed)

Used colored pencils in strips to bring out the great veining texture on this one. 

colored pencils atop gesso texture

And StazOn in black cherry for the other one.

ink atop gesso texture

I like black, white and red colors together, so next layer is black gesso dots.

black gesso through stencil

Next up on texture train came yellow chevron pattern.  You can practically "feel" the texture from this photo.

Yellow herringbone stencil

The tag needed a bit of visual dimension or maybe there was just too much open space, so I broke out the hourglass silhouette and more black gesso.


hourglass silhouette

Had to use this phrase because it was the encouraging thought I had as each   new layer was added.  Sometimes color choices and words lead my process and IF I trust those instinctive messages then good things happen :) 

yellow masking tape message

The most challenging part of adding the bottle caps to the 2nd tag was waiting for the tacky glue to dry.  I love the depth, color and graphics of these caps.

bottle caps and Dymo words

After saving these bottle caps for years now, I am so glad I DIDN'T throw them out in the last "clean sweep" of the mustard studio.  

Using what you've got can be quite liberating.

Freeing you from the gotta buy, get, or have the latest thing merry-go-round.

fun storage for bottle caps

What have you got lying around your arts and crafts space?  Why not use it and see what happens?

Remember---nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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