Thursday, October 31, 2013

Be bold, be you, you are unique!

This image has been in my art journal for weeks but today I got inspired by her eyes.  The word "beauty" was the 1st thing I added with a water brush and blue Inktense block, highlighting the blue with a Pentel white gel pen.  

how do you define beauty?

Does she look happy to you?  I see sadness in her eyes.  Is she having ANY fun?  

cut from a magazine

I enjoy cutting interesting words or phrases from magazines when they catch my attention.  The orange box was done with orange Inktense block and a water brush.   


typewriter text

This envelope scrap was perfect for "BE YOU" with more orange Inktense boldly highlighting it.


The stamped background was done with a rubber stamp and a blue Gelato sprayed with water.  More Inktense in black and is Halloween after all :)

What do her eyes say to YOU?

Haunting eyes...Happy Halloween!


  1. You're right - beauty is so much more than skin deep. Beauty comes from within, the quiet spirit.

  2. I love this... the way beauty is written over her face with her eyes peaking through! Thanks for sharing....

  3. She does have lovely eyes, doesn't she and not quite happy. Looks like she is trying to fool the world. Beautiful and thoughtful art!


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