Monday, October 14, 2013

Easy silhouettes tutorial

So far, all my silhouettes have been found in magazines and catalogs.

I really like the catalogs that are delivered to my mailbox, FREE art materials!

I get used magazines from my library for... 25 cents each.

interesting poses

Roughly cut the item or person out, leaving a bit of a margin around it.

image enlarged on photocopier

Sometimes I shrink or enlarge an image to suit my project.  I just love her triumphant pose here! 

Cover silhouette with packing tape or clear Contact paper on both sides.

I have a lot of Contact paper so that is what I use, saving my packing tape for tape transfers.  

Con-Tact or packing tape

Cut out the silhouette.

women silhouettes

Use your new silhouette(s).

bottle silhouettes

Use them, reuse them, flip them around and combine them to see what works for YOU.   

head silhouettes in various sizes

human body silhouettes

Using silhouettes in my art journal is another way to add texture, color and dimension to the page. 

multiple women silhouette in art journal

May not use this exact image for a silhouette but have taken many pictures of my family that I plan on turning into silhouettes :)

What is that blob on my hip there?  LOL

Do you use silhouettes in your art?  Maybe you can give them a try...

Whatever you DO, have FUN! 

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