Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why I blog

I may have been born on a Palm Sunday in 1963, but I came alive when I learned how to read and WRITE. 

I valued writing so much, that as a 1st grader I developed a huge callous on my finger from tightly gripping my pencil.   

I spent years avoiding and denying and trying and forgetting how ALIVE writing makes me feel.  The inner critic was very harsh.    

So a BIG part of blogging for ME, is about writing and the great feeling I GET from putting it out there.  

I blog because, when first considering it, FEAR reared it's ugly head and said,
"Oh no, I CAN'T"

then my Dad died.
and I realized I HAD to TRY!

Avoiding difficult things is natural, but writing a blog isn't going to kill me, so I faced the stress and did it anyway.  

And almost 200 posts later, I am very pleased with what I've shared on the mustard blog.

a sunny day

Every time I sit down to write what's happening in the studio or in my life I try to share encouragement and compassion with YOU.  I understand how hard it can be to TRY new things and FACE old fears.  

But I CAN also assure you, that pushing beyond your comfort zone CAN be truly LIBERATING!

Initially the blog idea was a way to maybe start a business selling stuff, but I can sell lots of stuff and still not be happy and I can HAVE lots of stuff and be utterly miserable.  

On occasion, I've been tempted to let off steam and vent about some difficulty I'm dealing with, but thought better of it.  The mustard is a happy place, an encouraging space and I don't EVER want to change that! 

button color wheel

I love making things, painting, lettering, quotes, old bottles, BUTTONS, books, art supplies, PAPER, pens, pencils, stencils, all colors but YELLOW is my favorite, MUSIC, sparkling days, taking photographs, LAUGHING, making messes, exploring my life through art journaling, WRITING, the smell of used book stores and libraries, my family, DOGS, nature and so much more...

I write the words I needed to HEAR when FEAR took over and stunted my artistic aims. 

I write for the little girl inside me who still needs to hear them.

And I write them for YOU, because we all NEED encouragement, understanding and LOVE.  

JOY and PEACE are nice too...

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  1. I know for a fact that your blog has been enjoyable (your art) encouraging (your words) and fun. I love you for being the brave wonderful daughter, friend, sister that you have always been. Your proud Mom


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