Thursday, November 21, 2013

67 words

Java art

I'm heading off to work in my friend's coffee shop in a couple of weeks and am so excited!  

Of all the jobs I've EVER had over the years, my favorite one is working at the Java Stop!  

Pouring coffee, grinding espresso beans(oh that heavenly smell), making custom lattes, visiting with customers, connecting with our community and working with a great team, these are just a few reasons why I am so happy to be working at Agawam's Java Stop.

67 words is a way to keep myself motivated to make art every week.  I've selected these words randomly from my dictionary.  I'll share them here with you now and if you want to play along I'd be happy to see what you create too.  

My thought behind this is to make something, ANYTHING each week. The word can be a springboard for creativity.

This is a challenge to help me continue my creative journey and balance my attention between work, home, family, fitness and creativity.

Some of the things I CAN create are ATCs, art journaling pages, drawings, photographs and 3D projects.

You may be asking, why 67 words?  Well, I like the number and it helps me establish the habit right now and carries the challenge into 2015.  What will you create?  

Any questions?!  

67 words

  1. humdinger                           
  2. shriek
  3. counterfeit
  4. scoop
  5. woman
  6. mellow
  7. devil
  8. harmonize
  9. tong
  10. fulgurant
  11. serve
  12. cozy
  13. watermelon
  14. shack
  15. disquiet
  16. call
  17. scrawl
  18. involuntary
  19. significant
  20. dash
  21. camera
  22. sprout
  23. assimilate
  24. lecture
  25. eccentric
  26. unfeeling
  27. tragedy
  28. mobile
  29. babble
  30. leave
  31. astonish
  32. threap
  33. gallant
  34. range
  35. thwart
  36. price
  37. static
  38. Jane
  39. coral
  40. kith
  41. sweeten
  42. reframe
  43. tilt
  44. twinkle
  45. relish
  46. box
  47. guild
  48. dock
  49. remark
  50. slumber 
  51. stoic
  52. occasion
  53. invoke
  54. eager
  55. whittle
  56. tent
  57. versus
  58. hesitation
  59. pack
  60. before
  61. smarten
  62. trumpery
  63. joy
  64. warm
  65. sleeve
  66. outside
  67. bicycle
If you want to play along just click on this link and join the 67 words Facebook group.                  


  1. cool, now what are we supposed to do?? A little confused, but I'll take the challenge!

    1. MD, thanks for joining the challenge! Anything goes here, let the word inspire you to create a unique zentangle or Artist Trading Card or even a great beaded necklace. Have fun with it, that's the IMPORTANT part!


  2. ok so is week 1 the first word? Does today start the week? Where do we post? You know me, tedious details!

  3. You've got it MD, this is week one so the word is humdinger. I started a facebook page with name "67 words" and you can share your creations there. No pressure here this is for F-U-N. Can't wait to see what you make!


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