Friday, December 13, 2013

Counterfeit 3 of 67

Been AWOL on the mustard lately, BUT am so glad that I set this 67 words artistic challenge BEFORE I started working at Agawam's Java Stop

How are YOU?

my counterfeit bills

I was concerned that I wouldn't take or make time for ART once I started working, but I actually think it's sparked my creativity.  Happy dancing and woohooing in my head right now :)

Week 3's word is counterfeit and I had so much F-U-N making my own MONEY! I've also learned how to spell counterfeit, which makes a double bonus, lol.  

one dollar bill

My one dollar bill says in LOVE we trust on the back.

$5 close up

In friendship we trust is on MY $5.

In peace we trust

Peace is the key on my TEN dollar bill.

twenty dollars

Color is one of my favorite things so of course my $20 says in color we trust

in kindness we trust

Fifty dollars and lots of kindness to go around.


Those coffee cups were done with a homemade rubber stamp.  It was so much fun to carve and then USE!

in coffee we trust

The back of my $100.  I wanted to put out as many positive and profitable vibes as I could for the coffee shop so that's why it's the hundred.  

bills hung up to dry

I got some ideas for what "we trust" from interactions with my friends who make me trust that kindness, love, friendship, color, coffee and peace are ALL important to me.   


  1. What a great and FUN project! Love the inspiration, thanks.

  2. Awww so cute, I couldn't think of anything. Nah, I did, I was just to scatter brained to get it done.


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