Friday, December 27, 2013

DOG love

Today's art journal page was inspired by 2 sweet dogs on my page-a-day calendar of DOGS :) from Workman Publishing, 2012.  I enjoy seeing a new pup each day and sometimes save a page to include in my art.

dog love

The LOVE letters are actually cooled hot glue painted white.  I plan on using my hot glue gun to make more letters and shapes very soon.  Don't you just love finding a new use for a neglected tool in your stash?  I DO!



Enthusiastic is the word that popped into my head upon seeing this dog's photo. From his gleaming eyes to his taut tail, this pup is truly enthusiastic.

contents scrap

With washi tape rolls, tags and old book scraps on my workbench right now, this piece practically placed itself on the page...sometimes serendipity works.


The opposite side of the enthusiastic dog had a cute begging pup, so she got the label beggar.  I liked both images so much that masking tape and tags made a flap under which DOG love can be seen.

full view with flap

And here you can see the whole page.  The background was done a while back with white gesso and inks of blue, purple, yellow and green, which were then sprayed with water and allowed to run along the page.  

Do you prep pages ahead or work on completing an art journal page in one go?  Any way you do it, art journaling is F-U-N!

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