Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Freshly sewn mittens

owl mitten

After much effort and swearing, I finished sewing these fun mittens.

Left mitten

I'm NOT a sewer/seamstress by any means BUT I really wanted to make some warm mittens to go with my new winter coat.  

a finished pair of mittens

Despite my sewing "issues", I ventured online for a pattern and found one with a video tutorial, which really helped because I suck at reading patterns.  

Lined mitten

This fleece fabric was NOT easy to work with, it stretched and bunched up easily and the sewing machine did NOT help.  Swore like a sailor as the thread broke, bunched and balled up in the worst possible places, but I persevered!  And got the cutest, warmest mittens made by ME.   

sewing machine of doom

Thinking that the cheapest Brother Walmart sewing machine wasn't a good investment.  Just a hunk a junk really...
If you sew, what kind of machine would you recommend?  

Pattern pieces

The download includes patterns for adult and child sized mittens, with step by step instructions and photos.  It only cost me $5 and I didn't even have to leave the house;) 


Pattern from Mamma can do it.com

NOW, I am looking for an easy pattern for a hat and scarf.  I may not use the machine again because I LOVE hand sewing!  I want to ENJOY my next sewing project not dread it, lol.  

Sheesh, there's something not right with that machine.

If you know of any patterns or websites that can help me with hat or scarf creation, I'd love to hear about them!  Thanks.

Pushing beyond my comfort zone helps stretch my creativity.  

Have you stretched lately?!

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