Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Artist/Barrista

Agawam's Java Stop has been open since December 9th and my days are filled with coffee, people, espresso, pastries, teas, breakfast sandwiches, laughter, work and F-U-N

Before we opened, I worried a bit about losing my creative mojo, but seem to have MORE than ever.  Can I get a woohoo?!  

If you EVER find yourself in Agawam, Massachusetts, please come in and say hello.  My friends and I would love to make you a delicious latte! 

Hello :)

This sign now hangs outside and welcomes all java junkies!

sweet signage

My friends, Craig and Heidi have given me an entire wall upon which to hang and SELL my art.  They are 2 of the NICEST people you will EVER meet and I am so grateful for their encouragement and friendship!  

the art wall

We give out these scrumptious beauties with ANY espresso based drink...

chocolate covered espresso beans

My friends Brenda and Debbie came to visit me this past Saturday, to try our Java Mania lattes and check out my art.  And we 3 invented a new latte too :)
Debbie bought everyone's favorite piece of my art, now I've got to get back into the studio and create more...thanks Debbie!  To Brenda and T, thanks for coming in and bringing new friends with you, it was "special"!

sweet friends

Doing something you LOVE with amazing friends is the just what this HERMIT/ARTIST needed :-D

Life is GOOD GREAT!!!

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