Sunday, January 5, 2014


I thought a lot about whether I'd have a word for 2014 and decided YES, yes I will!  Last year I focused on the concept of using what I've got and that has become an integral part of my life and creative endeavors. 

REACH is my word for 2014.  I started off thinking TRY or DO might be good to focus on but reach seemed a bit stronger and pushes me beyond where I am right now...

I will be reaching for more FUN, stretching my artistic abilities, extending beyond my comfort zone and continuing to grow as an artist and human being.  

early version

My REACH tag began with a bright tag from my stash (gelli printed last year), a torn piece of fabric paper, a torn piece of canvas dyed with yellow and orange spray inks and blue felt letter stickers.

I learned how to make fabric paper in Roben-Marie's Ripped and Stitched class here.  I learned how to make beautiful journals in her online class, which was very good, the videos and her instructions are phenomenal.  

grab box of tags

By using a tag, letters and fabric paper already in my stash, this tag came together quickly.  Bright and colorful and FUN!

finished tag

Blue acrylic ink was used to define the edge and make the tag POP.  Does this tag grab YOUR attention?!


I colored 2014 stickers with a bright orange marker because the pale yellow they started as just did NOT work :)

close up

I used a blue ballpoint pen to highlight the orange numbers, orange colored pencil to help REACH standout and a white gel pen around bubble wrap blues on background.

It was fun and easy to create my REACH tag and it now rests upon a shelf reminding me of my goal for this brand new year!  

What's your word or a goal for 2014?  Whatever it is, be sure to have FUN!


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  1. I have not yet chosen my word but I look forward to see where yours takes you


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