Sunday, February 9, 2014


The word for week #11 of my 67 words challenge is serve.

Jeff made this great tabletop easel for me and it's working out GREAT!  

I am grateful for my handy husband's ingenuity.

While working in Dad's art journal, I realized my new easel will "serve" me well for years to come:)  

Art journal on the easel

Began my serve challenge thinking about my Dad's service in the Navy, then got out the disc of slides he took while serving aboard ship in the Atlantic, printed some out and finally added them to his art journal.  

Dad 1959

Wow, he looks so very young in these photographs...

US Naval ships

Dad took some really great photographs (slides) back then!

Dad aboard ship

It's hard for me to imagine living months at a time aboard ship, can you?  In this picture of my Dad I can see our son, Will.  

My new easel

The great thing about this easel is that I can use it to hold various sized and shaped items, like a 5x7 canvas to a large art journal.  And I've already gotten gesso and some spray inks on it, so won't worry about "messing" it up.

What are you working on today?!

I am sure my Dad would've liked Jeff's handiwork in making this easel, he was quite the craftsman too.


  1. Your son does look like his grandpa! Love it. Could you send Jeff over. Got some things which are crying out for a handy person! There are none here! Nice for you! xoxo

  2. This is easel is great...again on my must list now! Thanks!!

  3. Wow, your hubby did a fantastic job with your easel! Your dad's smile is priceless in the photo aboard ship. I would never last - I'd be both claustrophobic and seasick!


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