Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Earth Day

Yep, you read right...

Yes, I know "Earth Day" was some time in April, but shouldn't every day be Earth Day?  

I took a walk down my street today and it made me sad and kind of mad.

This once, "country road" as my in-laws used to refer to it, is now a speeders cut through/short cut from one town to another!  I took my life into my hands walking today and never once did I NOT watch the oncoming traffic.  Thickly settled and speed limit signs must be for other people and not these folks.  It's sad really...

So you're wondering what traffic has to do with Earth Day?  All along the sides of our street (yours I am betting too) I saw litter, nip bottles, bottle caps, coffee cups, plastic bags, beer and soda cans.  And I am pretty sure my neighbors and I didn't toss it there.  

When there was no traffic, I could hear bird songs and a babbling brook and felt cooling breezes, and saw a pretty yellow butterfly too.  Nature is magnificent and resilient and reassuring in its persistence.  

I wondered, not for the first time, WHY people think it's okay to use and abuse this precious planet we live on?  HOW can they justify tossing trash ANYWHERE they please?  I just don't get IT!!!

I am and always will be a lover of nature, a seeker of PEACE, a sensitive soul and a believer in the goodness of human beings.  So I propose that we ALL start treating the ENTIRE earth like OUR one and ONLY home, because it IS!

This is the only planet I personally have access to, how about you?  Seriously, in a fight of man vs. nature, nature WILL win.  Humans may pollute ourselves into extinction but the planet will adapt and evolve. 

I like to keep things positive and encouraging here on the mustard blog but I feel strongly about many things, so once in a while I'll share what's ruminating in this artist's heart and mind.

I am encouraging anyone who will listen to NOT litter (save it for a trash can), to recycle and to conserve our natural resources in any way they can :)

Peace out



  1. Well said my dear, if only those thoughtless people could read and feel your message. I pray that people will GET IT before it is too late.

  2. I live in the country on the outskirts of a fairly large city, you cannot imagine the garbage dumped on our street( mattresses etc..) from people too lazy to go to the city dump which is free but you have to get a permit.. Who do you think has to clean up?.... we have a small park close by with trash cans which are emptied regularly, just take a walk inside that park and all sort of unimaginable garbage is thrown about. I could go on....sometimes I feel we should close all these places....Do these people threat their homes this way? why this total disregard for what is our communal home ?


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