Saturday, July 12, 2014

Painting with crayons

 A "painting" with crayon tutorial.


Melting crayons with a heat gun is F-U-N!

Corrugated cardboard and a heat 

Begin by painting the cardboard with a layer of Gesso, I chose to use white here.  Let it dry.

Molding Paste and Gesso and palette knife

Next spread a layer of molding paste with a palette knife onto the cardboard.
DON'T let it dry!

a bamboo skewer

Using a bamboo skewer, draw letter or image into the molding paste.  Let dry.  

A hole punch

Punch a hole in each corner of cardboard piece.  Pick a crayon and start melting it with a heat tool over the letter.  The texture of molding paste and ridges in the letter start to pop, can you see it there?!

Cotton swabs

In order to remove excess crayon in the letter ridges, I melted crayon in letter grooves slightly and cotton swabbed quickly.

individual letters

I added several colors to letter grooves and around letters to make them POP!


shank buttons and craft wire

I sprayed each card with shellac as the dried crayon surface was dull and I really like the shiny look.

Spray shellac

Using a variety of shank buttons and wire allowed me to connect the letters AND make a hanger for P-L-A-Y.

close-up detail

The buttons are fun and help to tie the colors together between individual letters.

This piece is a great reminder and hangs in the mustard studio.  


Finished PLAY piece

Dream was done on a canvas board with black gesso.  I just love how the crayon colors mix and glow against the black!


With dream-BELIEVE-do, I shaved small bits of crayon off and quickly hit them with heat gun so the colors wouldn't mix.  It looks like confetti to me.

dream BELIEVE do on canvas

Both these pieces are for sale and hang in Agawam's Java Stop.  

I have only just begun to explore "painting" with crayons and hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.  



PS.  I may just have to do a peace sign next, lol!!! 


cotton swabs
corrugated cardboard
heat tool
bamboo skewer
craft wire
spray sealer
hole punch
palette knife

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