Friday, August 15, 2014

A gallant man, art journal page

This fabulous guy was clipped from a magazine, isn't he great?  That smile, those eyes and that shirt, all caught my attention so here he is saved in my art journal.    

crown of gold?!

His shirt and poise made me think of royalty so I tried a bunch of different crowns on him until finding the right match.  Rubber stamped crowns on silver and gold papers salvaged from chocolate boxes my husband brought home from Belgium :)

stamping crowns on recycled papers

Silver suited him best, don't you think?

All the elements tie together with a two-toned blue background and the writing:

John Gallant is his is his passion!

John Gallant

Gallant is word #33 of 67 words and this was fun and easy to put together.  
Every time I see that handsome face and crown I smile.  To bring fun, play and JOY into each day, that is what art journaling does for me!

full art journal page

Do something that brings a bit of joy into your day, I highly recommend it, so does John Gallant.  


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