Monday, August 4, 2014

Assemblage birdhouse-"NATURE"

I've rearranged, cleaned and spruced things up in the mustard studio and it looks and feels GREAT!!!

Here's a peek at the workbench with my assemblage birdhouse hanging front and center :)

"NATURE" birdhouse

I found this bluebird house, that Dad made years ago, in my basement and knew I HAD to DO something with it.

Gathering together several natural items came right after I cleaned off the birdhouse.  Then I got started with my hot glue gun. 

dusty birdhouse

Whenever we get to the beach I ALWAYS look for treasures like seashells, unique stones, sea glass and driftwood.  My plan was to try using as many natural elements as possible on the birdhouse.

Do you have a favorite beach treasure?  

rocks, feathers and seashells

I never did find a place to use the feathers but there's always the next project!

Next, I glued the bird's nest upon the perch.  I found the nest soaked and broken after a thunderstorm and knew it was a keeper.

The wood ear fit perfectly beneath the nest, don't you just love those colors and that texture?!  I DO!

found wood ear

On my walks, I always keep my eyes open for unique things I can art with and this bark was a great find, perfect for the roof.

found bark with seashell

I almost threw out these old computer keys while cleaning the studio.  So glad my inner hoarder voice vetoed that idea...

saved computer keys

These beach rocks really pop inside this found nest.  All of my natural elements are rounded or curved so the juxtaposition of square keys upon an angular birdhouse seemed to work.

finished bird's nest

This assemblage piece came together very quickly.  I think my Dad would like what I did with his birdhouse.  

finished birdhouse

Next up on the blog, catching up on my 67 words challenge.  One day at a time.


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