Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Assimilate word 23 of 67 words

12 card Artist Trading Card pack

Getting back to work/play/fun on my 67 word challenge AND assimilate is word #23.  

I used photos of women from a clothing catalog and some pre-cut ATCs as my jumping off point for these positive cards.  

The cards were cut from a piece of art my son did, I love using pieces and parts from other people as a jumping off point for artistic collaboration and INSPIRATION!  

***BTW, I got his approval before cutting it up AND I matted a portion of his artwork which hangs in the mustard studio :)

12 ATCs

Above you see them laid out together.  Initially there were 10 cards with women and words, then I decided to create the cards you see below.  



women and girls ATC

Then I realized how great it would be if we used ALL these words when talking to ourselves, thus was born the Assimilate powerful self-talk ATC pack.

Strong ATC 

If you've never made artist trading cards, I highly recommend creating some.  

Mini (2 1/2" X 3 1/2") works of art on paper, card stock, cardboard or playing cards; it really takes away the big blank page fear and can be so much FUN! 

We can be ANYTHING we choose

Strong, passionate, FREE, honest, open, fun, powerful, CONFIDENT, curious, SMART, optimistic, ARTISTIC are the positive words made with a DYMO label maker.

So that's the start of my 67 words catch up, hope you'll stop by tomorrow to see what I did for lecture (24) and babble (29)...  

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