Saturday, August 16, 2014

Astonish 3X5 card

Astonish is word #31 of 67 words.  

I find inexpensive packages of index card guides at the Goodwill and Salvation Army often.    

Have you seen or used these before?  What do you do with them?!

25 cents for 25 cards, such a deal! 

a real bargain 

Using these cards for something other than their intended purpose has been a challenge but I've started some by stamping backgrounds with my newest homemade rubber stamps and pretty colored inks.  

The blue background was stamped Color Box surf with my homemade stamp.  


2"x 3" rubber stamp

Surf makes me think of the beach and waves and FUN!  

As I continue catching myself up on the challenge,  A for ASTONISH fit well, with the "A" tab already surfed up and close at hand. 


I inked a star stamp and wood block mounted letters in StazOn black cherry to finish word #31's creation.  

Simple, everyday art is a great way to grow and discover YOUR own personal style.  A few things I enjoy having in my art are encouraging words, beautiful colors, interesting textures and FUN.  Fun is good!!!

Happy Saturday ALL...

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