Monday, August 25, 2014

Coral artist trading card

Coral is word 39 of 67 words and I am almost caught up with my challenge. 

The initial idea was to work on a word per week and when I get to sweeten (#41), I'll be there :)

Here's an artist trading card featuring an old dictionary definition WITH a drawing of coral.  Background colors on this "blank" is why I glued coral down on the ATC.  

Coral ATC close view

Adding oil pastels of pink, peach and orange around the paper edges and onto the card, helped complete the artist trading card.  

Coral dictionary definition

My hope is that in the near future I'll be doing more drawing for these weekly challenge words.  

Coral (#39) ATC

The edge line on the right side is another reason I chose this card, see how the dictionary line is continued on the card?  It was fun, FAST, easy and now it's FINISHED!  

Happy arting.

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