Friday, August 22, 2014

Glimpse into my art journal

I really like this journal, it holds up to lots of wet media and layering.  It is a messy thing  full of artistic expressions!

Dylusions journal

There are gorgeous magazines out there showing beautiful art journals, which can be very inspiring AND a bit overwhelming too.  

Today, I share an honest look into my journal.  Some things work out, others not so much.  For me its all about learning, growing and self expression, NOT perfectionism. 

nearly FULL

Jane is the 38th word in my 67 words challenge.  The tag was stamped with large letters using a violet Marvy marker and layered over a gessoed ATC.  

Using violet helped pull some of the background color out and made composition more interesting with ATC and tag.  

This image came out of a clothing catalog.  Jane is modeling a nice parka so the bright background colors got a toning down of "snow" from a palette knife and Gesso.  


Here's the entire page featuring Jane.  I like the colors and how it came together.  It's pretty, but not all my pages turn out nice. 

Full page 

This page is kind of a mess.  It expresses the kind of chaos and lack of direction I was dealing with on the day I did it.  And that is what I LOVE about art journaling. 


Drinking 2 much coffee will not help her slow down.  Is a 2 page spread I did using some prints from a mono printing course, washi tapes, Gesso, rubber stamps, markers and pens.

Coffee cup

Sometimes a thought, word or phrase dictates the art.  It was a combination of the images of the cup and woman that made me think up this phrase.  I like the pages, but again not perfect or all that pretty.  I'm cool with that :)

woman silhouette

This is a mess but brings home the idea that I WANT to make ART every day. The 67 and aRt are made from the sticker material left after removing the numbers and letters.  

My art 67 every day aj page

Here I was checking to see about using bread tags in the journal.  The colors are great, don't you think?

colorful bread tags

I glued a bunch of them in and then used black Gesso over the entire page. 

Um, yuck...what was I thinking?  Wishing I'd gone for the white gesso but, eh it's okay.  Feeling kind of sad the day I did this, so it's fitting somehow.


A pocket made from a recycled envelope with WHY? written on it.  Why indeed?! 

I may use some bread tags on a canvas soon.  I have a bunch of plain white ones leftover and am thinking of using black gesso as the background color. Black and white are a great place to start. 

art journal spread

My art journal is a safe place to experiment, play, explore, learn and GROW!

The inner critic and stuffy editor are NOT allowed to stifle the free spirited artist here. 


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  1. I really enjoyed this peek into your art journal. It gives me hope for mine. Thanks!


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